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The Importance of Learning


There was a private teacher, he traveled alone in the middle of the night, suddenly come across a friend who had died. Because he dares usually big, then he too was not afraid.

With their own accord he asked his friend who had died of this, "You are now going?" His friend replied, "I am now a officer in the afterlife, now about to go deal with affairs in the south of the village, happened to both of us in line."

This private teacher and then walk with his friend, when passing through an old house, the afterlife officer said, "In this house lived a virtuous and learned that high dignity!"

Private teacher was then asked, "How can you know that in this house lived a virtuous and learned that high authoritative?"

Afterlife officer replied, "People who are still alive, in the morning because he was busy with his business, then the intelligence covered. Until at night when she slept, and did not think anything, then Yuanshennya (prime soul) will look out."

"If he used to read good books, such as the Kong Zi Lun Yu, Li Sao of Qu Yuan, Shi Ji of Si Ma Qian and others, then each letter that emit light, will radiate out from the hundreds of spot akupunturnya, multicolored beautiful and brilliant. "

"The most high luster can compete with the moon and stars. A somewhat less, the light can reach several tens of meters, lower back, the light can only reach a few meters. According to the order, the lowest, a small light beam like a ray of firefly or a small light, just light the room. The sight like this, can not be seen by ordinary people, but the ghosts and gods to see.

Private teacher is asked again to his friend, "I read the book for nearly fifty years, when I sleep well my rays how high?" Officers afterlife was a bit hesitant for a moment, then he replied, "I was yesterday passed in front of your house. You were napping. You read the book very much indeed, but very little quality."

"Most of the books you read are the kinds of books that fit the times, which is only to seek personal gain and books on hobbies that weakens the resolve to move forward. Each of the letters turned into black smoke, envelops the house, such as a haze The thick clouds, totally invisible light rays. "

After hearing these words, private teachers instead of checking it himself with great humility, otherwise he angrily denounced his friend. Officers afterlife was not about to quarrel with him, he just laughed and disappeared.

The human brain is like a shelter, if the inside is filled with what object, it will become that thing. Because it must be selective in reading books and watching movies. Try to read a lot of good books, and do not read books that are not good and that is not useful.

Also, do not watch movies that are violent and not educational. To maintain the purity of soul and mind, so much reading a good book, is believed to eliminate karma, and add a white substance on us. That person will also be turned into a virtuous person. If viewed from another dimension, then that person will emit light that extraordinary.

If too much reading a book that is not good, then bad things will also be lots filled into the brain, and that person will also be turned into a bad person.

People who have the ability (third eye open), then he could see the glow issued by such person is an evil black air. Sure would not hurt if we are vigilant.

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The Importance of Learning

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The Importance of Learning

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